Chandlery Opening Hours


9:00 TO 5:.00


9:00 TO 5:00


9:00 TO 5:00


9:00 TO 4:00


9:00 TO 5:00


10:00 TO 4:00


9:00 TO 5:00

For customers safety as well as our own during these unprecedented times we have new rules and opening times in place for the shop and boat services to ensure everyone is kept as safe as possible but can still get the goods and services they need. We appreciate everybody’s help and understanding.


As boaters ourselves, we appreciate a well – stocked and more importantly a reasonably priced Canalside shop and boat services.

We provide all the usual boat services, Diesel, Gas, Pump out, Elsan (Free), Water (Free), Coal and Logs.

With help from experienced boat engineers, we have stocked the Chandlery with the basics essentials for maintaining your boat engine and systems.

From oils and greases to fan belts, filters and coolants. 

We are also stockists of Marine16 diesel bug prevention and diesel bug killer.

We stock toilet chemicals for both pump out and Elsan toilets.



Prices correct as of 28/01/2022


£31.20 / 13KG
£20.50 / 6KG
£17.50 / 3.9KG

Prices correct as of 28/01/2022



Prices correct as of 28/01/2022



Prices correct as of 28/01/2022


LOGS / £4.50 and £6.50 Per Bag
KINDLING / £3.80 Per Bag
Prices correct as of 28/01/2022


£20.50 / 5KG
£46.20/ 13KG

Prices correct as of 28/01/2022

There are lots of different fenders and ropes. You can purchase rope by the metre or ready made up with a mooring loop and back splice in a variety of colours.

We have also stocking interesting gadgets and Gizmos that we have tried ourselves and think that fellow boaters may find useful.

We also have a wide range of Ironmongery such as nuts and bolts, screws, hooks and hinges, in fact, too many to mention individually.

Whilst travelling the canals we were also grateful for shops that sold non-boat related items that you still need and so our shop has a varied grocery and household section with Fresh Bread and Milk, Tinned Goods, Pasta and Rice, sauces and Pet food, Frozen food and Ice Cream, Toiletries, cleaning products and Greetings cards.

We have small Off Licence selling Beer, Wine and Cider as well as Soft Drinks and Water.

We offer the whole range of Pearson Canal Companions canal guides.

We have souvenirs covered with everything from Hats to Flags, Bridge Plaques to Postcards.

It’s not possible to list everything we stock, so if you need something why not give us a call 01270 528122 and check we have it.

Whilst we have tried to think of as many things boaters might need as possible, there will be things that we have forgotten about.

If we haven’t got what you need and if you are going to be in the area for a short while then please ask and we will make every effort to get the item for you.