Why Cheshire Canal Boat Day Hire Is A Great Day Out

There is an undeniable pleasure in being on a canal for the day. It encompasses all that is fabulous in a day trip. There is a leisurely approach to the entire experience of Cheshire canal boat day hire and the freedom to simply explore.

The magnificence of the British waterways allows those who want to enjoy this timeless pursuit the freedom to absorb and revel in simple natural beauty and calm of the English countryside. Reminiscent of a simpler, more unhurried time.

When you hire a narrowboat It’s a perfect opportunity for building memories of treasured moments with friends and family.

Nowhere is this truer than on the waterways of Cheshire.

Which is only one of the reasons that Cheshire canal boat day hire remains one of the preferred activities of those in search of that ultimate in relaxing days out.

The Cheshire Ring

Cheshire Canal Boat Day Hire
Beautiful Cheshire Countryside

One of the most wonderful things about choosing Cheshire Canal boat day hire is the fact that there is simply so much choice. From where you will be visiting and how you’ll enjoy that day out.

The Cheshire Ring consists of 97 miles of canals all serviced by 92 locks (navigating these is an essential part of the canal experience). Although completing the ‘Ring’ in its entirety can take approximately 50 hours those enjoying a day trip can select there own choice of just where they will be exploring.

The choices are incredible. There are three canals that run through the Cheshire countryside, each with a unique personality. Canal-goers will be faced with any one of these choices.

The Llangollen Canal, Shropshire Union Canal, Macclesfield Canal. You also have the combination of the Trent and Mersey Canal or Bridgewater Canal.

The choice of canal boat is likewise varied. There is simply is something for everyone. The more modern of the choices (although they have been around for many years) are the canal boat cruisers.

Llangollen Canal - Day Boat Hire Cheshire
Llangollen Canal – Day Boat Hire Cheshire

Narrowboat day hire in Cheshire.

Those in search of a more ‘traditional’ option narrowboats are the craft of choice. These range in size. However, typically they measure around seven foot in width and can measure up to 70 feet in length. This may be a bit much for the average party.

The more traditional styles are classically called Widebeam narrowboats. These are much wider versions of the traditional narrowboat and for those parties looking for more freedom on board. Some can measure up to 13 feet in width.

Whatever the choice, our self-drive canal boats offer an experience that simply cannot be matched by other modes of travel. Those hiring them require no special qualifications.

The smaller versions will most likely not offer sleeping facilities (this is, after all, a day trip) but will usually have simple cooking options and importantly, toilet facilities.

Most people will choose to picnic at the side of the canal or stop at one of the wonderful Cheshire pubs. These all add to the experience and are a massive feature of the canal experience. The cooking facilities are usually of secondary importance.

The entire day out is one that will not easily be forgotten. it is the perfect antidote for the stresses of big city living.

Make your booking today and choose Cheshire canal boat day hire.

6 thoughts on “Cheshire Canal Boat Day Hire

  1. Elizabeth Tarr says:

    We hired the day boat and had the most amazing time!
    The boat was immaculate and everything we could need….. including heating!!.
    A flushing toilet….very useful!
    Susan was brilliant at instructions for boat handling…even the men could drive the boat!
    Fabulous experience….thank you!

    • Beej says:

      Thank you for your kind words and we are so happy that you had a fabulous day and that the weather was so kind for you.

      Venetian Hireboats

  2. Jon Morran says:

    Hi Sue & Beej, it’s Jon & Sue from Warrington, Cheshire. We would just like to say a big thank you for this year. We were the first people to hire the day boat when it came into service earlier this year. We decided to hire it out for 2 nights and 3 days. Sue & Beej are the most lovely people you could meet. They are so friendly, helpful and very welcoming and if you have any concerns or questions they are more than happy to put you at ease. We loved it so much we must have hired it another 7 or 8 times again for the day since.
    The Day Boat is brand new and an absolute joy to navigate the canal with. It’s immaculate, super clean, very comfortable and very well designed. By Beej himself. She also steers like a dream and has an excellent engine. I personally have lots of previous experience of handling a Narrow Boat, through my uncle who has a canal boat, but even if you are brand new to hiring a boat, I would highly recommend you choose here as I can personally guarantee you will not be disappointed and you will have a wonderful and most memorable experience.
    Once again thank you Sue & Beej, hope you have a great Christmas and a happy new year and we will look forward to seeing you next year for more hiring, all the best and kind wishes, Jon & Sue.

    • Beej says:

      Hi Jon and Sue
      Thank you so very much for your very kind and positive comments. It has been a pleasure to see you this year and we know that Barcarolle is in good hands when he goes out for the day with you. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and healthy New year too and look forward to seeing you again soon

  3. Lynn Khan says:

    Hi I’m looking to hire boat for the day?…5 people please we live in southport but Cheshire is fine…times?

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