For many years Cheshire was something of a backwater when it came to tourist interest. However, in the last decades, something changed. Suddenly both those who call the UK home and international visitors woke up to the beauty and charm of Cheshire in the North West of England.

Property investors flocked to the county and it leapt into the headlines as a destination of choice. This fascination with County of Cheshire today shows no sign of abating. There has also been a growing interest in Cheshire canal boat holidays.

The Delights Of Cheshire Canal Boat Holidays

The canal system in Cheshire – the ‘Cheshire Ring’ attracts more and more people in search of a holiday. It provides a respite from the sometimes overwhelming tourism hotspots that can be found in the United Kindom and further afield.

A canal boat holiday is a rich and relaxed experience. A getaway where friends and loved ones can reconnect and experience the simple joys of good company, great food, and unhurried enjoyment. As well as immersing themselves in the rich history of the Cheshire countryside.

Cheshire Canal MapThe ‘Cheshire Ring’ allows those who harness the promise of the canal system to explore a varied number of environments. From the urban delights of Manchester to the more rural parts of Cheshire. This is where the simple natural delights of the Peak District and the Cheshire Plain will take one’s breath away.

The Cheshire Ring consists of a number of canals. These include Macclesfield Canal, Bridgewater Canal and also includes segments of the Trent and Mersey, Rochdale, Peak Forest and Ashton Canals. The experience of these varied meandering waters includes locks, aqueducts and tunnels – all set in the midst of magnificent scenery.

Navigating the 97 miles or so of canals that make up the Ring in its entirety, is theoretically possible in a week. However, this would require extensive experience in the operation of both locks and the canal boat itself. It would also mean travelling at least eight hours a day. That is hardly a relaxing ideal when it comes to canal boat holiday.

Relax as you wind through the Cheshire and beyond

A more sedate approach is preferable. Most of those who have experience on the canals of Cheshire would say that two weeks is probably the ideal amount of time to spend exploring the entire canal network. However, given the pressures of modern life, it would be unusual for a party to be able to set aside a block of time like that. For those with less time, a canal boat operator is usually more than happy to advise on how to plan a trip of a shorter duration.

For instance – those with an interest in history might choose to travel Bridgewater canal as part of their Cheshire canal boat adventure. This is often referred to as England’s first canal. It was built in 1761by the third Duke of Bridgewater to transport coal – and served as the inspiration for the canal network that soon spread across the ‘Green and Pleasant Land’.

The narrowboat a the popular choice of canal boat to hire

Choose your prefered type of vessel – the classic narrowboat (or wide beam), a cruiser or a converted barge, but set aside some time to enjoy the company of good friends and explore this wonderful part of the United Kingdom on a canal boat adventure.

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