Here at Venetian, we have tried to make your holiday as comfortable as we possibly could as well as reducing the amount of luggage required for your holiday.

To do this, we have equipped our boats with everything that we think that you would like and need to be on a holiday boat, so please have a browse through the list so that you know what you do not have to bring with you.


Microwave Oven, Chopping boards, Kettle, Hi-ball glasses, Wine glasses, Pint glasses, Measuring jug, Thermal Cooker, Potato masher, Roasting dish, Eggcups, Cooking spatulas/spoons,Grill pan, Frying pans, Tin Foil, Full set of cutlery, Saucepans/lids, Cling film, Kitchen paper towel, T-Towels, Pedal bin, Teapot, Cooks knives, Cheesegrater, Colander, Can opener, Placemats and coasters, Full set of crockery, Bottle opener, Scissors, Washing up liquid, Mugs, Dustpan and brush, Trays.


Bath mat, Toilet brush, Toilet paper, Hand towels (1 ea), Bath towels (1 ea)


Coathangers,  Blanket, Hot water bottle,  Large duvet,  Two pillows each, Hairdryer.

Service Cupboard

Mooring pins, Mallet,  British waterways key, Pump out key, Torch, , Umbrella,