We are new to canal cruising , do we need a License or take a course before the holiday?

No. The boats are easy to handle. If you’ve not been on a narrowboat before, then we’ll make sure you know what you need to. When you arrive to start your holiday, we will give you a complete brief on the canal and the boat and take you through the first lock. Our boat handover procedure is conducted by RYA inland helmsmen qualified personnel.

Before you start your holiday if you are new to boating then we can recommend watching the following video as it will give you a good grounding of how locks work and are operated.

Which route should we choose?

If you want a leisurely trip, or this is your first time on the canals do not be overly ambitious and just ensure you have a relaxing holiday, call us if you need advice on routes. If you have canal boating experience, enjoy locks and want an active holiday with about 8 hours boating a day you can obviously aim for a longer trip. Click on the Routes Page to see all you need to know about the 6 different holiday routes you can take from Venetian.

Can we bring our pets?

Yes. All of our boats are pet-friendly. However, we do ask that you keep your pets off the bed and upholstery. Any damage done by Pets will be charged.

Can we get provisions and water as we go?

Yes – there are a few shops and plenty of free water points en route.

What linen will be provided?

Double duvet sets with pillows, Egyptian cotton sheets and pillowcases as required. Your bedding needs will be matched to your booking form. Bath, hand and Tea towels are also provided.

What about insurance?

Insurance, Damage Waiver and Damage Deposit

The company insures the boat and its equipment and inventory against public liability risks. The company’s insurance does not cover personal accidents or loss or damage to personal effects. Hirers and their crews are advised to take out their own personal insurance cover. The price for the booking does include an accidental damage waiver. Accidental damage waiver excludes (i.e. does not cover the hirer for) damage arising from speeding, contact with a lock cill causing damage to the rudder, skeg, capsizing or stern gear, TV aerials or any other contact with an upper part of the vessel with a low bridge or tunnel or other such incident with a clearly visible low hanging hazard, wiers or other obstacle or hazard that should be obvious and easily avoided, malicious or intentional damage to the boat. Also excluded is malicious or intentional damage to other boats and property and the late return of the boat and return of the boat in an unclean condition. The Hirer will indemnify the Company against all costs, damage, expenses, liability and claims howsoever arising from the negligence, neglect or default of the Hirer to the extent that they are not covered by the company’s policy.  Where cover is provided by the company’s policy and the hirer is found to be at fault or where the accidental damage waiver does not apply, the hirer will be liable for the payment of the excess on the company’s insurance which stands at £500.

Can we bring any mains equipment?

We do have 240 volt supply on all the boats, so yes you can. There is already a hairdryer on the boat and there are shaver points on all the boats too.

What if we break down or have an accident?

You will have our helpline number. We will give you advice, or come quickly to sort out your problem. Remember, a distance that has taken you 3 days to cover, we will cover in an hour in the car. We are on 24 hour call.

When will our boat be ready?

Our takeover time is 2pm. You will appreciate that we’re very busy until then making sure everything is right for you, so please don’t be early! There are good lunch places in Nantwich and great shops to buy provisions… and when do we give it back? Please be back by 09.30 am and leave the boat by 10.00am

Do we need a minimum crew?

In order to control the boat through locks and swing bridges you need a minimum of two participating adults: one to handle the boat, and one to work the lock or bridge (this is the physically more demanding of the two jobs). Neither can be primarily looking after other people or dogs. Older teenagers can be very helpful, but remember that the hirer is responsible for their supervision. If you have two adults plus small children, don’t plan too ambitious a route, and be open to child-centered distractions such as ducks or swings. If you have adults who need care, you may need extra crew. We regret we cannot hire to single-handed boaters, however experienced.

Will the children be bored?

Not for a moment. Children love the excitement of canal boating, especially when they can help at locks. There are also lots of things to do along the way depending on which route you take The wild life on the canal and surrounding woods is always a delight. As long as children are sensible there is no danger, but we do recommend that they (and any adult non-swimmers) wear life jackets, which we provide free.

Do we have to pay for locks or moorings?

No. We have paid the boat license fees and towpath mooring is free.

Will we have enough fuel and gas?

Yes, and it’s included in the price. If you need a toilet tank pump out we will repay you.

Will our car be OK?

You will park free of charge in the secure car park on site.

Can we bring our own phone?

Yes, although signal strength does vary along the canals.

Can we bring bikes or canoes?

Yes – but they have to live on the roof, so please bring something to protect our paintwork. The trees overhang on the canal so ensure they are secure on the roof.

Can we fish?

The fishing is let to many different clubs, only some of which issue day tickets. You must have a National Rod License.

Are all routes available?

On any waterway holiday, traffic may occasionally have to stop because, for instance, of emergency repairs to structures, flood on rivers, or water shortage on canals. (we dont not suffer much in this respect)

The Canal and Rivers Trust work very hard to prevent delays, but be prepared to change your route if something goes wrong. We would do everything we could to help, but you would not be entitled to compensation and must make every effort to get the boat back on time.